Kelowna bait bike program a success, say RCMP



Earlier this year, the program was started to help combat the increase in bike thefts in the community, and according to RCMP, the bike has been picked up multiple times by well-known suspects.

“Our officers will continue using bait bikes to go after these individuals in an effort to curb the thefts,” said Sgt. Scott Powrie with the RCMP Community Safety Unit.

Police say it’s important for the public to know that the thefts all occurred in less than 20 minutes of officers placing the bike in position, the quickest being within eight minutes.

This is a common crime that happens fast, so it’s crucial to always lock up your bike.

If your bike is stolen, you should report the following information to the RCMP:

  • Serial number
  • Make and model
  • Colour of the bike
  • Any modifications made
  • Recent pictures of your bike

You should also consider registering your bike, before it is stolen, on Project 529.

BC Sports Hall of Fame to hold summit in Kelowna this fall



For the very first time, the BC Sports Hall of Fame will host its annual summit in Kelowna.

Partnering with the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame, this event will mark the first time in the BC Sports Hall of Fame’s 56-year history that it’ll be held outside of the Greater Vancouver area.

The two-day summit will pay tribute to several defining moments in BC sport history with a luncheon event. There will be a dinner honouring 2022 winners of the Eric Whitehead Inspired Service Awards, a series of community development workshops, a pin ceremony for BC Sports Hall of Famers who are Okanagan-region residents, and the annual general meeting.

The chair of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Tom Mayenknecht says part of the plan is to move the annual summit to a new city around the province each year.

“We’re grateful for the warm welcome and support of Patrick Kennedy and the team at the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame,” said Mayenknecht.

“We will build on this year’s annual summit in Kelowna and previous pilots in New Westminster and Surrey, to make the annual meeting an important coming together of those who advocate for the promotion of sport history, heritage, and culture in British Columbia. We’re keen to make it a valuable opportunity for professional and community development for honoured members and other supporters from throughout the province.”

The BC Sports Hall of Fame Annual Summit will be held at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in downtown Kelowna – and is being co-chaired by Aziz Rajwani and Joan McMaster of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, along with Patrick Kennedy, manager of the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame.

“Given several postponements due to COVID-19, this is an opportunity that has been three years in the making,” said Kennedy. “We consider it an honour to be co-hosting the BC Sports Hall of Fame Annual Summit, and we are looking forward to welcoming trustees, directors, and other stakeholders, including members of the BC Sports Hall Network. It will be a big weekend for us at the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame.”

The event takes place September 23 and 24. Registration for this event is now open.

You need to earn $130,000-$190,000 to afford a home in Kamloops or Okanagan


Image Credit: Shutterstock

The cost of buying a home in Canada continues to grow more and more out of reach for Canadians, according to a new report on home affordability by the National Bank of Canada.

A representative household now needs to spend 45 per cent of its income on mortgage payments, the report says.

The report looked at only 10 housing markets in the country to determine a number of factors like income levels required to support home prices. Vancouver tops the entire country, where a household income of $252,877 is required to service a mortgage on a representative home. 

The report doesn’t include Kamloops or the Okanagan, but comparative numbers can be extrapolated.

For example, the typical single-family house is about the same price in Victoria as in the Central Okanagan.

In Victoria, that house sells for $959,209 compared to $933,600 in the Central Okanagan.

In order to afford the Victoria house, the buyer or buyers need to have an annual income of $190,678 and it would take 116.7 months of saving 10 per cent of their incomes in order to accumulate a $70,921 downpayment.

The costs would not be much different in the Central Okanagan.

The typical single-family house in Kamloops sold for $673,602 in July and, in the North Okanagan, it sold for $666,700.

Those prices are slightly higher than a typical condo in Vancouver. At $655,352, that requires a household income of $131,975.

The South Okanagan does not determine a benchmark or typical house price but uses average prices. A single-family home there sells for $779,537.

That’s very close to the typical home in Hamilton at $779,037. That requires an income of $155,870 in order to make a monthly payment of $3,214.

Nationally, the decline in housing affordability in the second quarter of the year is the steepest drop since 1994, the National Bank report says.

It is also a reversal from recent trends.

“Income growth and lower interest rates were conducive to improving affordability for most of the past two years,” the report says. “That is no longer the case in 2021, as income growth is being easily outpaced by home price increases, while mortgage interest rates also rose on a quarterly basis.”

On the plus side, interest rates have edged downward in recent weeks and there has been some price modification in some parts of the county, but not in Kamloops or the Okanagan.

Prices increased, nationally, by 5.9 per cent during the second quarter of the year.

“To give some scale to these numbers, the median home price in Canada increased $38,000 in the quarter and $89,000 from a year ago,” the report says.

The full report can be seen here.


Accelerate Okanagan Event Aims To Attract Top Tech Talent

Organization’s New Year Kick Off event will be occurring Jan. 9 at BNA Brewing

The first tech meet up of the year in Kelowna will be held on Thursday, Jan. 9 at BNA Brewing Co. between 6:30 p.m. and 11 p.m..

Accelerate Okanagan (AO) announced on Tuesday that they’ll be hosting a New Years Kick Off event to help connect more tech entrepreneurs and investors in the city.

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Drinks and a dinner, bowling, a photo studio and a live band will all be occurring at the event for like-minded tech enthusiasts.

Accelerate Okanagan has been hosting the annual kick off since at least 2012, when it was hosted at Laurel Packinghouse in Kelowna.

To purchase tickets for the event, you can visit the organizer’s website.

Accelerate Okanagan is a not-for-profit organization that helps to support tech entrepreneurs and businesses in the Okanagan.