Former NHLer adjusting to coaching at hockey camp in Kelowna


Hockey camp full circle

The R1 RINKS hockey camp in Kelowna is working towards getting players to the next level, and for former NHLer Byron Ritchie, having the opportunity to coach at the camp has been a full circle experience.

“You know there’s a big difference between coaching and playing, so it was an adjustment at the beginning, and I’ve been at it for probably five years now since I retired, and it’s something that I really enjoy,” said Ritchie.”It’s trying to have a positive influence on the players here and their development in helping them get to where they want to be, and leaning back on past experiences and things that I’ve been through to try and help them along.”

The camp, which is partially owned by three-time Stanley Cup champion Mike Keane, focuses on giving the players a competitive edge when they immerse back into hockey season. They do so by skating three times a week and training in the gym five days a week.

Jack Finley was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020, and he says the camp has been a big help before he heads off to his second pro camp.

“I’m just looking forward to playing. It’s obviously been a weird past year or two for everybody, and especially sports players, so you know I’m just excited to get in there and play some games, and this camp has been really beneficial to me,” said Finley.

Entering his fourth season with the Kelowna Rockets, Alex Swetlikoff says having so many competitive players in the camp is what he feels will be the biggest help heading into next season.

“There’s a lot of players looking to up their game and everyone wants to get better so it’s very competitive, and just our schedule too. Being on the ice mostly every day and then the gym, that’s a lot on your body so that makes it hard as well,” said Swetlikoff. We’re working hard and it’s gonna put us in good shape for next season.”

The camp began on July 5 and will run until August 20. Coach Ritchie says all players at the camp have been a joy to work with, and that they have all been very receptive to coaching.

Kelowna business taking plastics from the public to recycle into new products


A new way to recycle

The Rogerie has grown by rescuing plastics directly from landfills and transforming them into 100 per cent renewable products.

But starting Monday, the local business will start accepting clean household plastics from the public. Things like HTP (high technology plastic) or PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, a food-safe plastic) will be accepted and turned into new products. All you have to do is bring your washed plastics to their location at 103-460 Doyle Avenue, and they’ll do the rest.

“We’ll take it, wash it a second time to make sure it’s really clean, and then we’ll grind it up and use it in our injection molding machine,” said Angela Rogers, the co-founder of The Rogerie.

Currently Angela and her husband Brady sell products such as various planter pots, cups, stemless wine glasses, mugs and teapots and kitchen composters. Angela says the idea to start this business all came to fruition after their wedding.

“We knew we wanted to do something creative, and it was actually after our wedding that we saw how much plastic we had accumulated from gifts and moving so we knew we wanted to do something with it all. We got a little 3D printer that Brady had, and he designed a little planter and we took it to the farmers market. We received a ton of positive reactions and it kind of just grew from there,” said Angela.

The Rogerie previously operated a pop-up location at Orchard Park for six weeks last year, but have now found a permanent home at the downtown Innovation Centre.

Angela mentioned that they have several products in the works that they are putting the final touches on, and to keep an eye out for them this summer. You can see the 3D printers in action starting next week at the store when they add a dozen machines.

Movie filmed in Peachland to debut on CityTV this week


Peachland goes Hollywood

Peachland is set to show off its picturesque landscape on the small screen, as the CityTV network broadcasts Love, Bubbles, and Crystal Cove this Friday evening at 8 p.m.

The romance movie of the week features Kelowna actor Matt Brown and the debut of nine-year-old Haven Gin of Penticton. Brown began on-stage acting at the age of five, and Gin began her acting career when she was eight after being scouted by Brenda Connell of Book It Talent.

“This was her first audition and she booked it! said her mother Rebekah very proudly. “We read the role and it fit Haven to a tee.”

Boasting its beachfront shops, waterfront and also its new walking pier, the producers from Champlain Media turned Peachland into ‘Crystal Cove,’ a fictitious small American coastal town. Erecting the American flag did not go unnoticed by the locals when filming last September, but senior vice-president of production, Gilles Laplante, says he enjoyed his time in the area and hopes to be back.

“My appreciation for the Okanagan has been reciprocated by the communities there, which is what makes the relationship a success,” says Laplante. “I hope to make more movies in the Kelowna area.”

The romance movie captures the love-struck couple hiking in the Okanagan mountains, walking through vineyards, and sipping wine on the deck of the Bistro at Fitzpatrick Vineyards.

Locally, CityTV broadcasts on channel 106 on Telus and 103 on Shaw, or you can tune in to the livestream from their app.