A Helpful Guide on Selling Your Home with Ease this Spring

As soon as spring rolls around, the “Home for Sale” signs start popping up all over BC like wildflowers. The Penticton real estate market is no different, and with the recent upswing in activity here, I’m frequently asked “What can I do to get my home ready to sell?” Here are a few tips to ensure your home sells fast and gets top dollar.

  1. Quit Calling It “Your” Home

If you’ve been in your home for a long time, selling can be an emotional rollercoaster, so let’s turn to Elsa from Frozen for advice: “Just let it go.” Stop thinking about it as “your home” and let go of the sentimental attachment you have to it. I know, I know. It sounds harsh but the sooner you accept that someone else will be living there, the sooner you can move on and focus on your new home. There are a few tricks that help with this: take the time to say goodbye to every room, recall the good times you’ve had there and picture the happiness of another family doing the same, or envision yourself handing over the keys to the new owners. Trust me, it helps.

  1. Pack Away Your Personal Stuff

What I said above about having an attachment to something? It affects potential buyers too. They have a hard time seeing past personal artifacts like family pictures and heirlooms because it causes them to think “I wonder who lives here?” instead of “I could see myself living here!” By taking down your stuff, potential buyers get a blank slate to envision their own pictures on the wall, free of any bias or distraction. Plus, you get a head start on packing.



  1. Organize

People love to snoop. It’s human nature. Buyers will go through everything, so take a bit of time to organize the little things in your home. Simple stuff like having neatly stacked dishes, turning coffee cups so the handles face the same way, or lining up miscellaneous items (shoes, spices, books, etc.) sends a message to anyone viewing your home that if you’re willing to organize the little things, you’ve probably taken care of the big things too.

  1. Clean and Repair

Ever been to a garage sale where things were worn out and dirty? Did it make you want to buy anything? If you weren’t willing to drop a toonie on something in bad condition, what do  you think the odds are someone will give you hundreds of thousands of dollars for your home if it’s filthy and falling apart? People want their new home to be move-in ready and doing a few minor repairs and making your house is spotless can add thousands to your asking price. Patch holes, fix leaky faucets, paint, replace burnt out light bulbs… it all adds up to the image of a more complete, well cared for home. This is a great checklist to help make sure your home looks its best.

There you go. This quick list should put you on the right path to selling your home. But you know what would help even more? Me! If you’re planning to put your Penticton home up for sale, get in touch. I’ll work with you to make sure we get the most value possible out of your current house and find you the ideal south Okanagan property to start making new memories in.

5 Simple Ways You Can Sell Your Home For More Money

The real estate market in the Okanagan is really hot, which means as a home-owner, you’re likely sitting on a good chunk of change if you decide to sell. To increase the value of your home even further, consider these 4 ways you can make more money from your house sale. 

  1. Regular Home Maintenance Is A Must

If there’s one thing you should never neglect as a home-owner, it’s keeping up with regular home maintenance. Simple jobs like patching up small holes or scratches in the walls, repairing drafty windows and doors, and fixing leaky faucets and toilets can all work wonders when improving the value of your home, especially in this hot market. Annual maintenance check-ups are a good habit to get into, but if you notice something needs repairing, try to do it right away so you have less work later.

  1. Contemporary Sells

Still have the same paint job you did when you bought the house twenty years ago? It’s time to freshen up the interior. Choose a neutral colour scheme like grey or white and find ways to off-set the light shades with pops of colour to suit your personality and style. By modernizing your home, it’ll become easier to sell when it’s time to put the house up for sale.

  1. Landscaping Is Important

You’ve heard it before, but first impressions are everything, especially where property is concerned. Learn how to garden, and plant some nice flowers at the front of the house. Ensure weeds are being pulled, shrubs are being trimmed, and grass is being mowed. You don’t want to scare away a potential buyer with a bad first impression. 

  1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades Are Helpful

A major seller in real estate is creating an energy-efficient home. Buying “green” is important to property hunters so if you’re able to replace big ticket items like your old, outdated H-VAC system to energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, then you’re already helping your listing generate more attention. Minor swaps like replacing your old light-bulbs to LED or CFL bulbs and replacing your drafty windows to upgraded energy-efficient windows are two great ways to conserve energy, which will help sell your home faster and at a higher price.

  1. Renovate If Necessary

Renovations are expensive, but at times, necessary. Ask yourself: If I renovate, will my property value increase? You know better than anyone if it’s time for some minor or major renovations. Seek out what people are looking for in a home. Usually, it’s an open concept living space, a modern and spacious bathroom (or multiple!), and a nice deck or patio to enjoy the Okanagan sunshine. If your home is outdated, cramped, and cold, it could be time to upgrade before you sell.

Ready to put your home up for sale in the Okanagan? I have just the tools you need to help sell that house fast and at top dollar. Just fill out the form on my website to get started.