Restaurant industry group happy with vaccine passport rollout so far


Passport generally a success?

Vaccination passports have generally been successful, according to the BC Restaurants and Food Services Association.

President and CEO Ian Tostenson says the first few weeks were not “smooth,” but most of the kinks have been worked out for most B.C. restaurants.

“Just trying to get the flow. The restaurant has the option to check the QR code at the front or at a table. They also had to figure out if they wanted to scan the code or just do a visual check. They had that option as well.”

“We lost a little bit of business because people would show up and had their QR code, but forgot their I.D. Or when a large group showed up and someone didn’t have it with them. Those things are getting better because of the awareness now about what you need to do. People are getting into the groove,” he said.

Tostenson says there has been some struggle with restaurants that didn’t want to do the program, but he says the government’s enforcement has helped to persuade them.

“What we were trying to accomplish here was trying to keep the industry open by using the vaccine care and I think that is going to work. It will also help people that are on the fence and say you know what I am going to get vaccinated so I can do some Christmas events and things.”

On October 8, Renegade Kitchen was ordered to shut down for non-compliance.

“It’s unfortunate, but just follow the protocols. There have been roughly 42 warning letters handed out and the government has had 800 complaints, but a lot of them are getting resolved, it was just a matter of orientation. I am pretty impressed about the way the government is doing this,” Tostenson added.

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