Don’t Have a Dressing Room? Here Are 6 Creative Ways to Store Clothes & Shoes

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Who couldn’t use a little extra closet space? Maybe you suddenly have more people at home and need a spare dressing room. Or perhaps your small home just doesn’t have enough storage space for all your clothes and shoes to begin with.

Whatever the case, a lack of a closet doesn’t mean you have to live out of a suitcase. If you’re without a proper dressing room, try one of these six smart storage solutions to get your clothes and shoes organized.

A Portable Clothes Rack

A clothes rack is a quick, easy solution for clothes with nowhere to go. The most used section of the closet is usually the hanging bar, so a clothing rack gives you just what you need. They’re easy to set up, can fit in small spaces and can even double as a room divider to provide you with a bit more privacy.

To make a clothes rack even more effective, try mounting a wall shelf above it and adding a shoe rack underneath.  Just like that, you’ve almost got a full closet. For extra convenience, get one on wheels so you can move it around to make the most of your space.

Freestanding Furniture

When it comes to efficient clothes storage, a wardrobe and dresser are almost as good as a closet. Dressers are such a versatile option since they come in nearly any shape, size and style you might need. If you lack floor space, look for a tall narrow dresser that gives you maximum storage with a small footprint. Or, if you need a flat surface, opt for a long and low version that can double as a table.

A wardrobe gives you the best of both worlds with a rod for hanging clothes as well as a few drawers for folded items. A wardrobe also works well as an extra closet to store linens and out of season clothes if you lack dressing rooms elsewhere in the house.

The No-Closet Closet

Just because your room doesn’t have a built-in closet doesn’t mean you can’t add a pretty awesome one. Many modular closet systems give you all the convenience of a closet without the walls. You can choose a freestanding system if you rent. Or there are also wall-mounted versions if you’re looking for a more permanent option.

The great thing about these systems is that they’re incredibly flexible. You can design the perfect closet to suit your exact needs. For example, if you have a lot of long dresses, you can add extra full-length hanging bars. But if sweaters are more your thing, you can opt for additional shelves and forgo the hanging bar altogether.

Making Use of Trunks

Not only are trunks convenient and efficient, but they’re also totally stylish. Whether you go with a modern cedar chest or an old vintage trunk, you’ll gain an abundance of storage space. They’re great for bulky things like sweaters or blankets, but you can also add dividers to store smaller items too.

Trunks are also handy for small space living since they can double as a coffee table or nightstand. And if you add a few pillows, you can even use it as extra seating in a pinch.

The Space Under the Bed

There’s a lot of prime storage real estate under the bed. And there are a variety of under-the-bed storage options available to help you make the most of it.  You can find bins, boxes, and baskets that are designed to slide under the bed and are just the right size for clothes. If your bed happens to sit low to the floor, bed risers will allow you to take advantage of this valuable space.

Perfect Combos

If you really want to maximize your clothes storage, the best solution is probably a combination of a few of these options. For instance, a dresser and a clothes rail may be all you need to keep all your clothes organized. Or maybe a closet system and a trunk are the right combinations for you. Take the time to look at what you have to determine the best way to store your belongings.

Just because you don’t have a dressing room, doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish and practical storage for your clothes and shoes

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