5 Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Create an Energy Efficient Home

Improving a house’s energy efficiency is something every home owner should practice. It doesn’t have to be hard or even that expensive. Not only will it keep you more comfortable within your own four walls but you’ll also be doing your part in protecting the environment. Here are 5 inexpensive and simple things you should try.

  1. Insulate the House

If you own a poorly insulated house, you’re basically watching the energy costs drain your bank account. Reduce those expensive utility bills by ensuring ceilings, walls, floors, and the attic are tightly sealed. Simple maintenance can include plugging up bigger holes, applying weatherstripping to the attic access panel, and sealing small holes with expanding foam or caulking followed by an insulation covering.

  1. Use a Clothesline

While it’s true that using a dryer makes laundry easier, there are major benefits to drying your clothes on a clothesline instead. Spending a few extra minutes hanging up your shirts with clothespins eliminates bacteria and dust mites while of course, conserving energy and cutting greenhouse gases. Another highlight? Using a clothesline makes a definite win for your wallet.

  1. Get New Light Bulbs

Do you still have old, incandescent bulbs lighting up your home? These should be replaced as soon as possible. A compact fluorescent lamp uses 80% less energy and lasts 10 times as long as a regular bulb. By simply swapping out your inefficient light sources and installing new bulbs like CFLs or LEDs, you’re looking at an easy and cheap way of reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

  1. Repair or Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Most home-owners will likely experience leaky faucets at one point or another, but the commonality of the problem doesn’t make it any less annoying. The worst part? You’re essentially tossing money right down the drain along with all the water your toilet is wasting. Swapping out your bathroom fixtures with sturdy faucets and showerheads and replacing your old toilet with a new, low-flow model will start saving you money over time.

  1. Upgrade Windows and Doors

If you’ve been noticing drafty windows and doors, the breeze is likely wreaking havoc on your heating and cooling bills. The simple solution? Upgrade windows and doors to energy efficient models, especially any single-glazed windows you have in the house. And if you can’t do that, caulking and applying plastic installation to the glass is a good plan B.

By following these 5 methods, you’re doing your part in improving the energy efficiency in your home as well as making a more positive impact on the environment. However, investing in a new furnace, installing a solar power system, or even moving to a newly-built, energy efficient home are more extreme, yet beneficial choices to also consider.

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