4 Trendy Coffee Shops You Need to Try in Penticton

Every now and then, a trendy deli or restaurant opens up that everyone is talking about. The same can be said about local coffee shops in Penticton. Only, the ones I’ve outlined for you aren’t just a “flavor of the week” but an exceptional java experience that deserves plenty of longstanding accolades. These hotspots aren’t your average place to meet up for a hot beverage. Each location offers something special and unique to their customers. From “food truck” style coffee shops to beachside cafes, these spots are must tries when getting your local morning pick-me-up. 

The Bench Market 

When thinking of the best cafés in Penticton, the Bench Market usually tops the list every time. Frequent “Bench” goers love the gourmet lunches, the all-day breakfast, the unique artisan grocery section, and of course their classified “best coffee in town” (hint: they use local-roasted organic beans!) If you’re in Penticton, you can’t miss this gem of an eatery. Its local charm reminds residents why there’s something extra special about living in the Southern Okanagan.  

Saint-Germain Café and Gallery 

The unique flare of Saint-Germain Café and Gallery is indicated right in its name. Not just a place to sip on a satisfying beverage, this Okanagan coffee shop is also a contemporary art gallery, featuring the works of Canadian artists. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, you’ll enjoy the artistic aesthetic of this locale paired with culinary delights and of course, organic coffee and teas.  

Added bonus: If you love live music, Saint-Germain Café and Gallery offers that too.  

The Prague Café  

When looking for something more than your average coffee company in Penticton, search no further than the Prague Café, a European bistro located directly on Okanagan Lake’s beachfront. Visitors of the Prague Café will love the Czech and European baked goods, soups, sandwiches and of course, organic specialty drinks like espresso, cappuccino and lattes. If you’re a tea drinker, don’t leave without trying the Green Tea Matcha Latte. Even though the beach makes for great summertime vibes (when it’s warm, grab a table and chair and sip your java lakeside!) they still provide excellent service all throughout the winter.  

The Rocky Bean Co. (Seasonal) 

Arguably one of the most unique coffee shops in the Southern Okanagan, the Rocky Bean Co. does things their own way. Following the increasingly popular food truck trend, these guys serve java out of an awesome van (with excellent graphic design!) Even though they’ve shut down until spring, you can still follow along with their wintertime updates on the Rocky Bean Co. Facebook page and to find out where they’ll be serving up a delicious “cup of joe” next!  

Penticton Cafés are definitely a thing of beauty and these 4 places are no exception. If you’re in the area, make sure to give the above local gems some love and order a comforting cup of coffee or tea.  

 Living in the Southern Okanagan is a truly special experience as is the power of community. If you’d like to talk more about the Penticton area and what it’s like to live here, get in touch and let’s chat.   

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