Density doubled for Kelowna condo project

Three adjacent properties on a downtown Kelowna street could be replaced by a four-storey, 36-suite condominium.

At a public hearing on Tuesday, city council will consider rezoning the properties at 1028, 1036 and 1044 Coronation Ave. to support the higher-density development.

Municipal planners recommend approval, saying the project is consistent with the official community plan’s goal of increasing the number of people who live in and near downtown Kelowna.

“The proximity to downtown provides nearby amenities including parks, restaurants, shops and recreational opportunities in the immediate area,” planners write in a report to council.

Last year, council approved plans for a 16-unit townhouse project on the same three Coronation Avenue properties. Two are currently vacant and one has a home that dates back to the mid-1940s.

However, the landowner “has observed changes in Kelowna’s real estate market,” the staff report says, and now wants to build 36 homes on the site instead of 16.

The three properties, mid-block between Graham Street and Gordon Drive, each have an assessed value of about $715,000, all of which is in the land.

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